About Company


We would like to formally introduce our company Net-Line (PVT) Ltd as Pakistan’s leading Power Solutions Provider which includes UPS, Solar Systems, and Batteries, AVR’s-Stabilizers, Transformers and other related products. We also offer maintenance and repairing services on all existing equipment’s of the products mentioned above. Since 2002, we pride ourselves on being a UPS & Power Solutions specialist company serving some of the leading companies across Pakistan.


Our team is led by our CEO & Founder, Engr. Iqbal Zavary (Electronics Engineering- University of Houston (1972) who is the most experienced person in Pakistan for UPS applications. He himself pioneered the launch of the first UPS systems in Pakistan with PAF in 1982. After which he managed thousands of UPS installations nationwide across various industries. He has spent 16 years as the Director Technical of Pakistan’s first UPS Company. In the past he has also served with Exide USA and Rockwell USA.

Since its start, Net-Line has focused on providing its customers with professional and world class pre-sales & after-sales support. That is why we represent the world’s largest and oldest brands