Electrical maintenance service guaranteed response to all unforeseen events

The response time is vital for business continuity and to limit as much as possible any downtime in case of a severe system anomaly. It is therefore essential to have the expertise of a maintenance supplier who fully understands your electrical equipment and knows your working environment and who can respond to emergencies within a time guaranteed by a bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA). Proximity and emergency service carried out by the manufacturer are the best guarantees for fast troubleshooting and real problem solving.

Power Supply Maintenance – Key points

  • Specialist team of engineers on call 24/7
  • Technical expertise on-site within 4 hours* guaranteed
  • Remote monitoring and proactive troubleshooting
  • Remote monitoring and proactive troubleshooting
  • Corrective maintenance with original spare parts
  • 24/7 spare part stock availability with high priority shipment

Benefits of electrical maintenance

  • Quality technical support
  • Fast and precise diagnostic
  • Real problem solving