FIAMM Energy Technology is a multinational company engaged in the production and distribution of batteries and accumulators for motor vehicles and for industrials use born following the separation from FIAMM Group of the business of automotive batteries and industrials batteries with lead-acid technology.

To be closer to the needs of customers FIAMM Energy Technology has numerous commercial and technical branches in Italy, German, UK, Slovakia, France, USA, Spain, Dubai, Japan Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and China to name a few) and a wide network of importers and distributors and operates with a stall of one thousand employees. 


For over 70 years FIAMM Energy Technology has leveraged innovation and expertise to bring the best energy backup products and solutions to the market for every business. Thanks to this mentality we can predict the market necessities, guarantee clients satisfaction and build long-lasting relationship.


FIAMM technologies have been developed and optimized during years to meet different market needs. AGM-technology based products are manteinance free, as well as GEL-technology that enhances product behaviour even in critical conditions. Flooded products ensure high reliability thanks to a low maintenance and specific attitude to different discharge rates. 


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