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Socomec is on hand with its expertise in high availability power supplies and offers you a wide range of UPS equipment from 600 VA to 5400 kVA (with or without integrated transformer)

What is total cost of ownership and how does it apply to a UPS?
TCO = Losses in UPS in KW x Watts per hour rate with local Utility supplier x365x24 Socomec is able to achieve the best TCO for UPS in the world with 3 level technologies & Power Factor 1 making it more energy efficient, lesser foot print and reducing the point of failures.
What is Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) & Means Time To Repair (MTTR)?
It is the overall availability of the critical power system as the formula of availability is A = 1 – (MTTR/MTBF). The NEW Socomec Modular UPS System is the first in the world to achieve a MTBF of 1,000,000 hours and certified by third party testing.
What is the number one reason for failure in UPS?
Over 60% of UPS problems are due to battery failures. A good Battery Monitoring System can significantly cut down the down time of the UPS. With Socomec there are several BMS option including with remote monitoring.

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