Optimizing the power supply reliability and safety of your high quality power supply

The Power Quality Audit (PQA), is a service offered by Socomec that checks the reliability, efficiency and safety of an organisation’s electrical system.
The PQA uses network analysers, instruments specially designed to detect faults and deteriorations and record parameters and information that may be of use in locating the causes of electrical disturbance.
The data is collected and analysed by Socomec engineers, who can then diagnose the problems and suggest the most appropriate solutions.

Key Points

  • Voltage drop
  • Reduction of power factor
  • Unbalanced three-phase load
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Transient current
  • Neutral and ground plan


  • Identification of disjunctions and dysfunctions
  • Optimised operational efficiency
  • Extended service life of equipment
  • Improved reliability of the system