Masterys BC Reliable, simple and ready-to-use power protection from 8 to 12 kVA

The solution for

  • Server rooms
  • Service sector
  • Infrastructure
  • H ealthcare sector
  • L ight industrial applications
  • Technology
  • VFI “online double conversion


The ideal protection

  • Simple and reliable power protection.
  • Tailored for medium-sized businesses.
  • Advantages of advanced technology.

An excellent size/power/ backup time ratio

  • Ideal for sensitive professional applications.
  • Suitable for protection in IT environments thanks to the internal back-up time and the possibility of installation in 19” rack cabinets.


Tailored to your environment

  • Easy to install.
  • Unique to the market with its highly compact size.
  • Flexible back-up times: different back-up time configurations are available either within the UPS standard cabinet or by using taller UPS cabinets, without changing the floor space (W = 444, D = 795 mm).
  • Increased system availability placing two UPS in parallel.
  • Combi Concept: BC108 and BC110 models are compatible with single or three phase inputs, which can be configured during installation.
  • Fitted with a multilanguage LCD display.
  • Separate rectifier supply and bypass networks.