All-inclusive solution for immediate UPS maintenance and Critical Power needs

For guaranteed high quality, uninterrupted electrical energy – where and when you need it most – Socomec UPS Rental is the ideal short-term critical power solution for rapid response deployment.

Immediate UPS availability: over 200 standard UPS across all power ranges (from 1 to 500kVa) are in-stock, ready to be fast-tracked to your site.
Flexible rental options: because every situation is unique, Socomec offers a flexible approach to rental periods, from just one week up to several months and beyond – with easy extension options.
All-Inclusive solution: as the industry experts, Socomec will take care of all aspects of the UPS shipping, commissioning and maintenance – right through to removal and return transportation – making deployment quick and easy.

How to get your ups shipped in 4 hours ?

  • Call Socomec’s Services Sales Office.
  • Provide us with a description of your Critical Power needs.
  • Receive our prompt commercial proposal.
  • Send your Purchase Order.
  • Receive your Shipment Confirmation within a maximum of 4 hours.

Key points

  • UPS shipped in 4 hours
  • Transport to customer site
  • UPS commissioning
  • Hot-line technical support
  • Next working day repair service
  • UPS decommissioning and removal
  • Return transport


  • First choice: rapid identification of the optimum solution for your unique requirements
  • Fast: express shipment within a 4-hour window
  • Flexible: rental periods available upwards of just 1 week, with easy extension options
  • Safe: manufacturer standards guarantee compliance and technical performance
  • Cost effective: rental fees are tax deductible as operatin expenses*
  • *according to local tax legislation