“The BE range offers the advantage of true solid state, low distortion, inductive power control. Based on the original patented Watford Control twin-tranductor design, providing the reliability of solid state control without the use of power semiconductors in the supply lines which can be easily damaged by voltage spikes or current surges, as is the case with solid state tap changers.

A twin-transductor forms a potential divider across two taps of an input autotransformer, one side of which is connected to the load and the other to the incoming mains supply. A solid-state amplifier continuously monitors the output voltage across the load and this is compared against a highly stable reference voltage. Any error is amplified and directly coupled to the isolated control windings on the transductors, thus altering the voltage across the load and reducing the error to zero. The transductors are not susceptible to damage from short circuits or voltage surges and the amplifier operates at a low voltage and current levels.”

Over two hundred models span ratings from 300VA to 860kVA output ratings, single or three phase, incorporating full transient spike and noise suppression fitted as standard.