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Medical Facilities

Optimum safety and guaranteed uptime – The demands placed upon the healthcare sector have never been greater. The starting point of effective and accurate diagnostics is investigative medical imaging. The latest imaging systems represent a significant investment and are heavily utilised. These vital assets depend on a guaranteed power supply in order deliver the optimum results. Precise dose management and patient care – Dose exposure is a critical factor in patient care. Supplying sufficient energy to support the examination requires precise control which requires reliable systems. IT processing and Big Data for the medical imaging sector – Never before has IT and Data played such an important role in the medical imaging sector. Every member of an imaging team will recognize that while priority is patient diagnosis, the IT systems are a vital support during the process. Tailored Solutions – Electrical Infrastructure Decentralized or mutualized solutions Single supply architecture (Image) Centralized Architecture (Image) IT Infrastructure

Medical Imaging 

The protection and availability of IT systems – the availability and securing of patient data and hospital communication systems (Image from Socomec Medical Imaging)